W Hotel Instanbul gets an entirely new look

Thursday 02nd March, 2017
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Located in the historic centre of Akaretler, a prosperous neighbourhood filled with chic hot spots, cafes and art galleries in Istanbul, multi-disciplinary architectural and brand development agency, GeoID, were responsible for the recent redesign of the city’s W Hotel. With a total of 140 guestrooms and suites, the W Istanbul Hotel offers both luxury and history, tying together a rich and trendy atmosphere and accentuating Ottoman motives, yet still remaining harmonious with the W Hotel brand identity. The original design of the hotel was inspired by Ottoman culture, and in the renovations GeoID decided to perpetuate this concept throughout. Every single detail used is a modern interpretation of the eclectic style associated with this rich historical period. GeoID, in collaboration with legendary French lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus, created a striking and unique lighting installation to illuminate the tunnel at the entrance of the hotel, the design of which emulates a jewelry box. This tunnel adds an astonishing lightness and coolness that suits the image of W Hotel’s design-led lifestyle hotel experience. Founded in 2013 in partnership with renowned design firm GEOMIM, GeoID is an innovative multi-faceted studio who provide an all-encompassing approach to interior design and brand identity. Directed by co-founder Tu?çe Rizeli, who trained as an architect in Istanbul and Milan, whose artistic vision fuels the development of the design studio’s creative projects. For each of their ventures, GeoID develops a unique narrative focusing on revolutionising all aspects of design, from the brand identity of their clients to their interiors, resulting in a harmonious and comprehensive service. Adapted accordingly to the needs and requests of their clients, GeoID covers all creative levels that are necessary to conceptualise a strong brand identity.