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Booking Office Bar

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Euston Road


Tel: +44 (0)20 7482 0054

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Project Information

The Booking Office Bar was subject to rigorous planning constraints that guarded its heritage. The space was to be kept as one without subdivision either on the ground or within the vast ceiling void. The starting point for design was to acknowledge and appreciate the original architectural layout and design and to utilize the existing geometry as a basis to work around.
The listed free standing ticket office was to be used both as a back office for reception and also as a back ground to the bar. In contrast to the dark timber panelling a white Callacatta bar wraps itself around the ticket office following its contours and thereby establishing the focal point of the room. A variety of alternative seating styles were introduced as decreed by the operator.
The scene set drama of the existing space combined with the need for demanding design solutions has created a unique space that works well in its role.