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Hotel Lone

Luje Adamovica 31,
52210 Rovinj


Tel: +385 1 2320200

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Project Information

Hotel Lone was designed as a contemporary expression of the classic Croatian resort hotel from the 70s, with sea-facing terraces and large lobbies. A purely Croatian masterpiece, the hotel was designed by the Zagreb-based 3LHD architectural team from the Croatian Faculty of Architecture, in conjunction with Croatian designers Numen/For Use, who produced bespoke furniture.

The bright and open lobby area features white stone surfaces, fabrics in tones of beige and gold, and furniture with oval lines, echoing the curve of the building’s exterior. Conceptual artist Ivana Franke created a large hanging sculpture named “Room for running Ghosts” for the atrium. Made of steel and measuring 8.7m, the sculpture’s solid elements entwine without actually touching, creating an impression of weightlessness and suspension. Another decorative element is a large mural featuring plants.