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ESPA Life Spa

Corinthia Hotel
Whitehall Place


Tel: +44 (0)20 7482 0054

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Project Information

The ESPA Life concept aims to be the next generation of spas and the aim was to challenge the typical spa interior; to make the spaces glamorous, exciting and innovative.
This entailed breaking down each element and rebuilding it from the function and emotion each space created. The planning stage took us a way from boxes and hard corners and towards softer, sweeping curves which we introduced where possible to the rest of the spa which led to the development of fitness pods as used in the gym, sleep-pods, treatment-pods, changing-pods and even the curves in the corridors throughout the spa, you can feel the energy in ovals as you move around the spa. It was a lotus flower shape that inspired them.
Descending throughout the spa floor by floor, the décor gradually becomes darker and more cocooning until you reach the final destination: the black granite lined thermal zone, dedicated to sanctuary relaxation.